Can Google apps increase website traffic?

Google applications are the customization packages of applications that take a Google product you are already using at home or workplace, and add features and support to make them suitable to use.  Some of the popular Google applications are Google groups, G-mail, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Docs and sites. Some of Google applications are developed for webmasters so that they can enhance the quality of their websites.  If you want to increase the traffic of your website, Google Applications can help you. Google provides many management tools, which will increase website traffic of your site, and the best thing for you is that most applications are free of cost. Some of the applications for SEO purpose are Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Google adwords tool is most widely used tool by the web master. It is used for the purpose of keyword research. Keyword research is the first step in internet marketing to optimize your site for SEO / Search Engine Optimization. As it is well known that proper keyword research is essential to increase the web traffic of your site, by using this tool, you can check that which keyword target how much traffic per month locally or globally.  Locally means for a particular country and globally means all over the world. It also shows the competition level for particular keyword. High competitive keywords take lots of time and money to get top rank in search result while low competitive keywords take a small time and low amount of money to get top in search result.

Google analytics is the Google application which helps you to monitor your website traffic. Every webmaster or blogger is excited to know that how much traffic their websites or blogs are getting per month. If you belong to the internet marketing community and your website is the source of earning for you, you must use this tool to analyze your traffic. To use Google Analytics, firstly you have a Google account. If you do not have Google account, create one. It will take just a minute. Now go to Google analytic site, click on sign up and do login with your Gmail account Id and password.  Now enter your website information and your website URL in analytics, choose your country, time zone and then continue. It will ask to accept the user agreement. Click on yes then click on creates a new account.  Now it will generate Java Script code which you will have to install on your website home page. After installing this code on your website, click on continue button in Google analytics. Generally, it shows an error message that tracking code is not verified. Don’t take it seriously; it takes 24 hours to remove this error automatically.

If your website has lots of error, then the value of your website will be decrease for both search engines and your audience. Google webmaster tool is a nice tool to make your website error free.  This tool also gives data how Google index your site pages, and how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google. You should have Gmail account to access Google webmaster tool features. Once you do log in, add your website in Google webmaster. It will generate code for your website which you have to add on your website. Now you can easily track your website error report from here.

Teenager Counseling

Counselling your teenager

Every parent with a teenager knows how difficult it can be to get across to them. It always seems as they grow older they want to shut you out. It is almost as though they begin to feel is if they know it all, like they do not need you anymore. It can be a very stressful period, especially when you can hardly sit them down to have a conversation. It has become much worse with all the gadgets that they have at their disposal, how do you even get them to look up from those screens and talk to you? This article will suggest some practical ways to reach out to your teenagers and counsel them in the right direction.


Most parents fail in the area of a relationship. If you do not build a solid relationship with your child, it is naïve to think that they will listen to you when you speak. Correction without a relationship will only lead to a rebellion. No one enjoys being told how wrong they are. Make sure that this is not the approach that you are taking. To build a relationship, it would be ideal to begin pre-teen. Once they are teenagers they have all these friends that they would rather hang out with than you. That is not the time you would want to start playing tug of war for their attention. Invest in your child. Not just financially, but most importantly with your time.

Let them understand you’re on the same team

You often hear teenagers complain about how “no one understand them”. As a parent, you need to make sure that you do not fall into that category of everyone. If anything, your child should know that you are on their team regardless of what happens. That way they trust you more, and are more likely to open up to you.


Another issue that parents fall short is the area of always wanting to be the ones to receive. Open up about your own childhood. It does not always have to be about the serious stuff. Open up about the small mistakes that you made, and the consequences that you faced. Once you set up a point where they can view you as a human being who also makes mistakes and can understand their own mistakes, they can begin to open up to you.

Backpacking London

London, England: The City’s Best Spots for Backpackers

Many people have the misconception that London, England is a busy city, which is overwhelming by vehicles and pedestrians. While this might be true, within some of the city’s areas, this isn’t the case, with others. In fact, it is possible to find some very secluded locations throughout the city, when backpacking. Once you’ve packed an adequate supply, you’ll want to set out and explore the city, while traveling on foot. Within this guide, you will discover the top 10 spots in the city for backpackers.

The British National Museum

Although this one might be well known, it is still definitely worth a visit. The museum is a wonderful option, since it can be accessed for free. Inside, you will find a wide range of different artifacts, which date back far into history.

Free Art Galleries

If you’re interested in saving money, during your trip, you’ll want to check out the free art galleries, such as the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern. Obviously, the Tate Modern is jammed full of modern works of art, but this shouldn’t stop you from checking out these amazing pieces, since it offers free admission.

The Green Park

If you find yourself near the Buckingham Palace, you’ll want to turn around and check out the Green Park. There is plenty to like about this beautiful park. If you’ve got a camera, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to show off your skills.

Purchasing from the Markets

Although you won’t be able to purchase big items, you should still pick up a souvenir, in order to remember your journey. In order to do this, you will want to check out one of the city’s markets, whether it is the Camden Market or the Petticoat Lane Market.

Explore the Waterfront

London’s waterfront offers plenty of excellent opportunities for backpackers. Obviously, it is a good choice for people, who wish to watch others. On the other hand, there are some excellent waterscapes to explore from here.

The Tower of London

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to pull off the greatest heist of all time? Don’t even think about it. However, you should still check out the Tower of London, which is home to the infamous Crown Jewels.

The Hylands House

If you’re looking to explore some excellent architecture, you will want to check out the amazing Hylands House, which is located near Essex. The house is three hundred years old and is surrounded by a massive and beautiful landscape.

Flamingo Land

Are you up for a little fun and excitement, while exploring London? If you’re feeling a little bit childish, you should definitely check out the Flamingo Land theme park. You’ll be able to observe landscapes, while enjoying plenty of fun rides.


What exactly is Stonehenge? Quite honestly, nobody really knows, but nobody really seems to care and you shouldn’t either. Instead, you should head there and check it out, since it is one of the more unique places in all of Britain.

Take a Windermere Boat Cruise

Last, but not least, you should consider checking out the amazing Lake Windermere. You may even want to take a ride on one of the boats. Either way, this is a very peaceful location, where you’ll be able to relax and clear your head.


After reading the “stuffing wool” comments, yesterday I decided to use up my fleece.
I liked the idea of using all wool (Sheperdess idea) with the wire armature, but added cotton batting strips to cover the wire (didn’t have any florist’s tape)
I wish I’d had heavier wire for this size goat, but I twisted several strands for strength.
AND, I can see where I will use every bit of my stash and probably need more…
It also used a LOT of wire.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2007 March 4

aTriton: Neptune’s Largest Moon
Credit: Voyager 2, NASA

Explanation: In October of 1846, William Lassell was observing the newly discovered planet Neptune. He was attempting to confirm his observation, made just the previous week, that Neptune had a ring. But this time he discovered that Neptune had a satellite as well. Lassell soon proved that the ring was a product of his new telescope’s distortion, but the satellite Triton remained. The above picture of Triton was taken in 1989 by the only spacecraft ever to pass Triton: Voyager 2. Voyager 2 found fascinating terrain, a thin atmosphere, and even evidence for ice volcanoes on this world of peculiar orbit and spin. Ironically, Voyager 2 also confirmed the existence of complete thin rings around Neptune – but these would have been quite invisible to Lassell!

Felting Dog

Introducing Ursa, the felting dog. She is the source for both material and energy used to create soft yet sturdy black dog felt. This project used one basket of fur, the amount collected during two weeks of daily brushing.  Since Ursa knows how to pull a cart, it was an easy transition to attach the roll of wet wool/fur to her harness. After a 30 minute walk, the result is a beautiful textured felt.
Ursa is a Black Russian Terrier. She is also a shedder.
100% recycled “household trash”, using an alternative energy source …
Makes a great yoga mat for dogs.